K-DFX is an enhanced KinetiSol® reformulation of the approved drug deferasirox

(the active ingredient in Exjade® & Jadenu®) used for treating iron overload disorder.


Iron overload disorder is an orphan disease characterized by excess iron in the blood. Can be hereditary or due to receipt of chronic blood transfusions


Patients with beta-thalassemia, sickle cell syndrome or myelodysplastic syndromes often receive blood transfusions as part of their disease treatment.


The extra iron from transfused red blood cells over time accumulates in patients and can become life threatening. To compensate, patients are given iron chelators that remove this excess iron from their bodies.


K-DFX is an improved formulation of deferasirox designed to:

• Work in the 30% of deferasirox patients who don’t absorb the current formulations well
• Have reduced inter and intra-patient variability
• Be taken with or without food as the patient desires